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From Idea to Reality

Our Research & Development Centre is based in Manorhamilton, Co. Leitrim and showcases emerging technologies and ‘modern methods of construction’. We work with industry to discover the trends driving construction, quarrying and mining forward in Ireland.

3D Printer

Concrete 3D Printer

Where will the Construction industry be in 10 years time? What technologies are disrupting work today? Are you equipped with the tools to stay competitive?

As a Construction and Quarrying research and development centre, Future Cast aims to showcase and educate these industries on the benefits and uses of modern technology. To do this, we recently purchased a COBOD Concrete 3D printer. 

Research and Development

Geotechnical & Material Lab

The future of the construction industry requires the use of low carbon materials. Under new green laws Construction companies will need to reduce emissions, Future Cast’s material testing lab will be providing the answers.


Why Future Cast?

Working with Industry
Unexpected Solutions

We think outside the box. Don’t settle, find a lasting solution to your problem that works.

Real Results
Real Results

We are all about outcomes, and improving yours. We will help you achieve real results for your company.

Working with Industry
Working with Industry

We don’t work in a black box, Future Cast has a network of experts that we call upon to fix your problems.

Do You have a Research project in mind?

The team at Future Cast focusses on collaboration with industry. If you have a problem or idea that you would like to work on with us, get in contact today.