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Research & Development

Our R&D team, along with our network of academic and government-sponsored teams and agencies, are constantly working to improve the technologies, materials, and processes available to our member companies.

Digital technologies

We are working on new and innovative digital technologies in the Construction, Quarry and Manufacturing industry.

One of our innovative product is Digital Twin, it’s a virtual model designed to accurately reflect a physical object. It’s effective for practical purposes for simulation, integration, training & maintenance.

Digital Twin pic 1
Material Testing

Material Testing Lab

The future of the construction industry requires the use of low carbon materials. Under new green laws Construction companies will need to reduce emissions, Future Cast’s material testing lab will be providing the answers. Recently we have been working on a circular economy project for construction sector.

Modern Methods of Construction

Future Cast & HTL are partners on the first 3D Construction Printer in Ireland. We are training and R&D partner of Harcourt Technologies Ltd , the sole distributors of  COBOD 3D Concrete Printers in Ireland and the UK. We are currently running fully funded training programmes with the AMTCE in Drogheda Co. Louth. 

3DCP pic

Why Future Cast?

Working with Industry
Unexpected Solutions

We think outside the box. Don’t settle, find a lasting solution to your problem that works.

Real Results
Real Results

We are all about outcomes, and improving yours. We will help you achieve real results for your company.

Working with Industry
Working with Industry

We don’t work in a black box, Future Cast has a network of experts that we call upon to fix your problems.

R&D Team Members

We’re a group of passionate people constantly working on improving the technologies in construction sector.

Head of Research & Development

Patrick O'Donnell

Head of Research & Development
Geological Scientist

Dave Plunkett

Geological Scientist
Technology Expert

Mark McGowan

Technology Expert

Do You have a Research project in mind?

The team at Future Cast focusses on collaboration with industry. If you have a problem or idea that you would like to work on with us, get in contact today.