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The ecohealth tourism market is growing rapidly and promises particularly innovative career opportunities for young people ,who are more environmentally aware than their elders. Ecohealth tourism increases the economic and social impact of individuals, while minimising the impact on the environment and local communities. In this sense, it allows invisible young people to project themselves in an emerging and promising sector of Sustainability and Ecohealth Tourism, Robert S. Bristow We have identified with our young audiences three areas of work that they invest in: sport, street food, street art and digital. Ecotourism is largely absent from entrepreneurship education. Research conducted by partners in their own countries confirms that 85% of vocational entrepreneurship education is focused on traditional business sectors. 

Grassroots Eu Funded eco tourism

Project Objectives

In this context, our project has a clear objective: to introduce new models of entrepreneurship training through actions in the field of Eco health tourism. Our targets areYouth workers who will acquire and dispose of tools for informal training and development of youth initiatives in the field of ecotourismNEET and other young people, who will use ecohealth tourism to develop their creative projects, initiatives andbusinesses.

1)Ecotourism remains an emerging area in which young people are involved.
2)Ecotourism entrepreneurs need different types of skills and experience, which leads to the need to provide young people with formal and informal education programmes and to surround them with the necessary skills;
3)There is a need to foster communication and cooperation between these young people in order to exchange best practices and encourage collaborative business projects

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