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Peer Civic

Peer Civic

The aim is to encourage young people’s participation in the democratic process and the development of society by encouraging debates regarding their connection with the great umbrella of the EU, with its democratic foundations and values. Cooperation within the project will promote structured transnational cooperation between EU member countries, aiming at strengthening a partnership focused on encouraging the responsible assumption of the role of active European citizens among young people.

The project aims to develop skills among young people from Romania, Italy, Bulgaria, Greece, Spain and Ireland in the decision-making process and in particular the candidacy programme of future candidates for the European elections of 2024 and cooperating with them during the mandate in order to approach direct needs of young people. 

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The project will  promote:

  • Young people’s participation in voting
  • Active involvement in the public consultation actions initiated by the candidates for the European elections and during their mandate when they put in practice actions directed to support youth sector development.
  • Participatory intervention in the debates regarding the development plan of the European youth sector
  • Collaborate with future decision-makers, regarding the youth policies assumed by the European Strategy of Youth 2019-2027.

Project Objectives

  • Promote the commitment of young people in the creation of European intervention platforms regarding the development of the youth sector in accordance with the European Youth Strategy.
  • Strengthen the ability of young people to intervene in this process of European decision makers and future candidates for EU elections and extended also to national elections.
  • Create transnational collaborations with the aim of identifying and strengthening the European dimension of identifying and addressing the needs of young people.
  • Develop transnational cooperations to stimulate interaction with decision-makers in order to collaborate in support of exercising the role of active European citizens.
  • Equal opportunities and participation to young people from different backgrounds, especially through a platform that allows young people to collaborate regardless of online training tools, young people will not be isolated and will be determined to fully benefit from participating in the project.
  • Enhanced digital skills through the platform, mobilizing a large number of young people, development of search skills in the online environment and validation of information sources in the conditions where media danger is a real one and which can have severe repercussions for young people, constantly bombarded with diverse media content.

Our Partners

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