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                                                  Digital Twin

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A digital twin is a virtual model designed to accurately reflect a physical object. It’s effective for practical purposes for simulation, integration, training & maintenance. It consists of three distinctive parts: the physical object and its environment, the digital representation of that object and its environment and information flows between the two known as the “Digital Thread”.

We here in Future Cast through our partnership with TYR3D, are working on several different new and innovative industry 4.0 technologies, with a particular focus on applying them in the Manufacturing and Construction Industries.

Awareness to Digital Twin in Construction Course: We also provide the course for Digital Twin for Construction, Quarrying and Manufacturing industry. The course is fully funded under the skills to advance funds, applicable to individuals in a full/part-time employment or Sole Traders in Ireland.

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Interactive Digital Training Solution

  • Digital Scanning of Assets
  • Overlay of Data Information
  • Integration of your Training Platform
  • Beneficial for onboarding of new hires & upskilling of existing employees
  • Remote Immersive Digital Collaboration for employees

Digital Twin for Asset Management

  • Scanning of Internal & External Spaces
  • Digital Walkthrough of Spaces
  • Overlay of Critical Information
  • Tool for Remote Access for Technicians, Maintenance & other stakeholders
  • Reduce physical time required at Asset
  • Quicker access to information

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