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Essentials of 3D Construction Printing Course – 100% funded 

Essentials of 3DCP


The course provide learners with a comprehensive overview of 3D construction printing including the evolution of 3D construction printing, manufacturer’s type, equipment, the processes, the materials, the opportunities, and limitations of the printer. Potential markets and uses of the 3D printer will be explored together with areas requiring further research. The course hopes to demystify the 3DCP process and provide context to its application, present the opportunities and business case for 3DCP and share views on the
future of 3DCP technology.

Eligibility Criteria: The course is fully funded under the skills to advance funds, applicable to individuals in a full/part-time employment or Sole Traders in Ireland.

Course Modules:

Day One
• Introduction to 3D Construction Printing
• Brief History
• Types of Manufacturing & 3D Printing
• Application possibilities of 3DCP
• Advantages and Challenges of 3DCP
• Design with 3D printing in mind (All Types)
• 3DCP Process Overview
• Printable materials and processes of 3DCP
• Business case 3DCP in the construction industry
• The future of 3DCP
• Practical Component HTL R&D Facility


The course is suitable for:

Decision makers, Project managers, engineers , architectures and people who would like to get an overview of 3D Construction Printer

Learner Outcomes

  • Comprehensive knowledge of the essentials of 3D Construction Printing
  • Recognise the importance of material science and design software in the printing process
  • Detailed knowledge on the Printing Process


On completion of the course you will be presented with Future Cast Training Certificate.

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