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European Projects 

Together with our European partners, Future Cast is engaged in a range of projects throughout Europe.

Our recognised expertise and abilities in project management, innovation and engagement with private & public bodies led to Future Cast’s success in becoming a recognised partner in several cross European projects.

A snapshot of our EU projects

4 Ongoing EU Projects

7 Current EU Partners

14 Countries Covered

A few of the Projects we are currently working on..

CCF seeks to forge an effective and replicable HEI led digital model for creative industries training and support in communities.

Creative Communities First (CCF) recognises the key role the creative economy has to play in regenerating Europe post COVID as it straddles economic, social, cultural and technological issues and is at the crossroads of the arts, business and technology.

CCF is also mindful of the transformational power of higher education institutions and new partnership formats as engines of social mobility, innovation and equality of opportunity. 

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Project name:

The future of the construction industry in the EU is threatened by a chronic labour shortage exacerbated by the COVID crisis. The shortage of construction workers in the EU is expected to increase in the future due to a declining population and an ageing workforce

FEMCON will develop innovative vocational education & training that will assist women working in or considering a career in construction industry to progress to visible roles within the industry.

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Project name:

The identification of the invisible is a public policy problem which arises on a European scale. It got worse during the COVID period. The increase in the number of invisibles is one of the expected consequences of the COVID crisis. 23 of the 27 EU countries are seeing an increase in youth unemployment, with very marked differences between states. Spain is by far the country most affected by unemployment among the under-25s, which reached 41% of young people in June 2020, 21% in France, 28% in Italy. However, organizations have been working for years with these groups, such as the OIRD, based in the Molenbeek district of Brussels and which obtains excellent results when they develop projects based on the talents and know-how of young people.

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Our partners

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